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Powerful Partnerships® is a unique and proven approach to business success. It applies to the dynamic interactions between everyone in the work environment.

Powerful Partnerships is based on the premise that relationships are what really matter in life —  and the main reason people succeed in business. Most relationships start off successfully with the spirit of partnership but can quickly become less than great because of the way we interact with each other. Powerful Partnerships shows you how to preserve and enhance all of your relationships through the words that you speak and the actions that you take with the result of improving performance and your bottom line.

Central to the theme of Powerful Partnerships is the idea that powerful people behave and speak in such a way that those around them never feel forced or pressured. Instead of using coercion or manipulation, powerful leaders influence and inspire those around them with vision, clear expectations, self-expression, humor, respect and love. When those around you want to do what you want, you are powerful.

Whether coaching CEO’s, managers, or any other type of leader, Dr. Jim Goldstein has demonstrated how The Powerful Partnerships Program supports everyone in achieving what they really want while preserving and strengthening the bonds between people. In business, Powerful Partnerships increases productivity and profits by transforming the way people feel about their company, their workplace and their supervisors.  Employee engagement, critical thinking, mastery, creativity and morale all increase in a powerful environment.  Turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, gossip, careless errors and complaints decrease.  People get behind their leaders to fulfill their vision for the company.

With coaching and practice you’ll gain the power to transform any workplace relationship into a great one!


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