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Powerful Partnerships Overview

After studying and experiencing relationships in and out of his private practice for over 20 years, Dr. Jim Goldstein discovered something that profoundly impacted his understanding of how human beings connect and disconnect over time.

What erodes the good feelings we used to have when a relationship was new? What restores the authentic connection we once felt? More importantly what should we do, and what shouldn’t we do if we want to transform any relationship into a great one? Dr. Jim has learned the answers and wants to share them with you.

As a result, he developed Powerful Partnerships to effectively share the understanding and tools required to achieve the relationships you’ve always wanted.

Powerful Partnerships focuses on two main areas:

  • A way of being with others
  • A unique method of communication that, over time, gives you the freedom to express and enjoy the authentic connection you shared when you and another individual first met.

Learn how Powerful Partnerships works in business environments and how it can make you a more powerful leader.

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A Powerful Partnerships Success Story

Dr. Jim Goldstein describes a situation in which his Powerful Partnerships® coaching helped a CEO client get more and better performance from her team.

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