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He has been instrumental in our becoming a profitable organization.


With Jim Goldstein’s coaching, we were able to radically transform our production and management capabilities. Using his depth of understanding of human dynamics along with a no-nonsense ability to peer into the truth of any particular situation, he showed us how we could capitalize on the innate talents of each member of the management team. He has been instrumental in our becoming a profitable organization at a time when other builders/remodelers are suffering staggering losses."

Brett Schoolnick

President, The Baywood Design/Build Group

Powerful Partnerships
Executive Coaching

Powerful leaders, such as President Lincoln, teach us that leaders are most effective when they get people to do what they want without having to use force. Are you ready to be a powerful leader?

This is what The  Powerful Partnerships Executive Coaching Program offers you – an opportunity to identify organizational challenges and overcome them by becoming a more powerful, and effective leader.

With Jim’s coaching, you will achieve your goals faster than you otherwise would.  This is a result of learning how to communicate and act with more “signal” and less “noise” i.e., more intentional outcomes, more direct movement forward and fewer breakdowns, misunderstandings, upsets, glitches and drama.

Powerful Partnerships Executive Coaching Addresses the Following Issues:

  • Not meeting organization and/or operational objectives as quickly as you would like.
  • Lack of alignment between your vision/values and what’s actually being realized in your organization.
  • Feeling as though your company is going down the road with two wheels on the highway and two wheels on the shoulder.
  • Lack of satisfaction with your current  professional team
  • Executives and team leaders not always rowing in the same direction.
  • Not clearly understanding what your unique strengths and gifts are and how to capitalize on them.


What are the key benefits of Powerful Partnerships Executive Coaching?

Your company will grow and become more profitable as a reflection of your increased personal power and self-knowledge.  As you understand yourself more deeply, your ideas will inspire others to action. The seed of your aspirations will take root in them so that they follow your lead without being forced to embrace something they didn’t help to create.

  • You will crystallize your vision for your organization and for your own personal development.
  • Your entire organization will align with this vision; the changes that take place at the top of an organization ripple through the organizational culture almost immediately.
  • People around you will find themselves wanting to do what you want without feeling obligated, manipulated or coerced.
  • You will understand human nature like never before.
  • You’ll have a clearer idea of what motivates people, what disengages them, inspires them, frightens and annoys them and will be able to forge the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted.
  • You will become clearer about who you really are at your core, and what your unique gifts and talents are.
  • Your organization will handle interpersonal “glitches” more effectively and figure out ways to prevent their recurrence.
  • You will create a culture of safety allowing for innovation to flourish.


How does Powerful Partnerships Executive Coaching work?

STEP 1: Define the Vision

In the first few encounters and throughout the engagement, Jim works closely one-on-one with you to help you determine you vision for your organization and for your life. He pays particular attention at first to the thoughts that “keep you up at night.”

STEP 2: Employee Interviews

Soon after the first few conversations, Jim interviews key people in your company. From these interviews Jim gleans a sense of the command climate, the operating tempo and the overall culture.

STEP 3: Management Development

In collaboration with you, Jim helps in the formation or development of a first rate management team which comes to embody your leadership values, commitments and vision.

STEP 4: Second Employee Interviews

Jim conducts a second set of interviews with members of the team and the staff to determine progress, changes in attitude and morale and beliefs about the corporation.

 STEP 5: Recap and Next Steps

Jim gives his feedback from the interviews back to you. Together, you examine the productivity and profitability of the company since the coaching began and define next steps.


If you’re ready to realize just how powerful you can be as a leader, contact Jim today for a free consultation.

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